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Blue Ridge Sound

Providing for perfectly balanced killer sound for live music at just about any venue indoor or outdoors.

Blue Ridge Sound; Morganton, NC

John at the Sound Board Mixing Live Music; Blue Ridge Sound, Morganton, NC

Blue Ridge Sound located in Morganton, North Carolina has been providing sound production for many venues and many musicians, mostly in the bluegrass genre but rock and country music sessions have been successfully produced as well.

It is not a difficult task to produce a great balance of sounds for the audience and for the musicians on stage when dealing with rock and roll. It is entirely different to produce a great sound when you have a mixture of louder instruments such as banjos or drums and softer sounding instruments as mandolins.

Blue Ridge Sound is proud of our ability to provide a superb balance when engineering bluegrass sessions that include acoustic instruments, loud and soft voices, and drums. The monitors for the talent on stage needs to be tweaked to provide satisfaction for their ears while sending the best sounds possible to the audience in all kinds of weather conditions.

Our venues include every state in the southeast United States, but we tend to produce most of our venues in western North Carolina, east Tennessee and southwest Virginia.

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